Thursday, 6 May 2010

An Attitude of Excellence

My mentor and friend the speaker and thought-leader Dr. Denis Waitley ( said in the mid -90's that America's greatest challenge was going to be 'an emmigrant with a laptop' - an intelligent, educated, ambitious and hungry non-American working from their own countries who would successfully compete with Americans over the internet for work.

So it has come to pass that over the last few years Western Europe has seen a rise in educated and ambitious young men and women from Eastern Europe who compete for work and do so with great attention and a sense of service. In the main they demonstrate an 'attitude of excellence'  - a desire to provide far more than just 'getting the job done'. They are unencumbered by a sense of 'entitlement'  and understand that the quality of service and the experience that a customer has in dealing with them relates to the degree by which they can retain business in the future.

I've had cause recently to deal with people from Moldavia and Romania. The first were tradesmen (Vadim and Tony) decorating and making changes to my home. Smart, polite, courteous, professional and focused on delivering a quality outcome - they have my business for life (and that of my neighbours and friends). Exactly the same service from Romanian Ovi Bernaschi a DCU computing student (BSc Hons) and national martial arts champion who also has a company as an IT consultant - - where nothing is too small and nothing too difficult to address.

An 'attitude of excellence'  - it takes nothing more than to focus on the customer's needs and do more than is required or paid for. This is the simple secret to winning the loyalty of customers. Surprise them with excellence.

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