Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Master Minds - The Power of Synergy

Ever consider creating a master-mind group of like-minded individuals? Create a “group mind” dynamic when you get 4-5 other people to start meeting regularly.  The value of having other business people appraise and feedback on your business can be enormous.  

In using a master mind group, you can have many minds working on one agenda – ideally your business agenda.  The value of gaining the input, perception and experience value of other people in different businesses is enormous. Think about meeting once a month and dealing with two businesses at a time – everybody gets to benefit. 

Master Mind Groups have been used by the 'greats' of business for centuries because they recognise the power of synergy. There is something about a group convening for a specific purpose that attracts a creative and powerful energy. 

The rules are simple - a regular meeting, committ to be there (prioritise like a meeting), make time for each person to bring their issue to the table, be honest, be practical, stick to the time allowed.

The value of such a committment - done regularly - is huge. I attend a regular master mind group with some respected professional speaking colleagues. Being able to share challenges and hopes with like-minded and professional colleagues is enormous. 

In a time of challenge look to the power of the master mind group to forge new horizons and new hopes for the future.

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