Tuesday, 20 April 2010

High Trust Advisors HTAs

I recently launched a 'compelling business relationship' programme for creating High Trust Advisors (HTAs). It's doing very well too with both Microsoft and British Telecom running programmes for their account managers and professional sales people.

But what is a 'high trust' advisor. Here are just some of the things that define them and sets them apart from the 80% of sales and business professionals in the world today:

1. 'High Trust' means that there is no hesitation or mental reservation in the mind of the client when they deal with a high trust advisor (HTA) - we can trust people but may be hesitant about sharing everything with them - not so where the advisor has created a high level of personal and professional trust and a compelling business relationship. In this case they are seen as a 'non-equity' partner in the business - an essential, non-dispensable, part of the team - and included in everything.

2. High Trust Advisors understand they power of the emotional connection with the client and will adapt their language and their style to create a powerful emotional response in the mind of the client. HTA's understand that emotions manage decisions - not the other way around.

3. HTAs understand that what they sell to the client is not a product or a service - it is the experience that the client gets from using same. They understand that it's not about providing information - it's about intepreting it in a way that makes sense and adds value to the client's perceptions and business and lastly

4. A HTA understands that it's no longer about communicating with the client - it's about connecting, involving and engaging them in the process completely.

So there's some of the things that set our HTAs apart. If you'd like to find out more - check the video here or  just email me at info@seanweafer.com

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