Monday, 20 April 2009


I've had the pleasure recently of visiting the United Arab Emirates and am currently still here. For the first part of my trip I stayed at the Atlantis Plam resort in Dubai - about $650 a night (courtesy of a client company I might add..) and guess what? Yep - I HAD TO PAY FOR WIRELESS ACCESS!

Then I moved to Abu Dhabi the capital - a beautiful place and beautiful people, I would be very happy living here and stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel. Another lovely hotel (not cheap either)...and guess what? I HAD TO PAY FOR WIRELESS ACCESS!!

I have just moved all my training and coaching work (back home) to a hotel - because they provide free wireless access.

When are quality (and not so quality hotels) going to get the message? Customer service in the Information Age means FREE access to the web wherever and whenever. Marketing teams in hospitality please note. I for one - where I get to choose - will always vote with my feet to where I can continue to conduct business without the inconvenience or the insult of being charged to connect with my world and on my terms.


  1. While I can be envious of your travel, I do business throughout Ireland & the U.K. and can only agree with your sentiment on free wireless connection, or the lack of it. Maybe a list should bee compiled of those hotels which offer a free service so that people who want to know, can avail of this info.
    I look forward to meeting you at the Sales Expo event in Dublin, June 9th.
    Best regards.

  2. Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback and I agree totally with you Phil - why not start a website - for example and get professionals who travel the opportunity which hotels in whatever city provide FREE web access and make our bookings accordingly. Anyone know anybody who'd be willing to update a web page for us and then we could link it to travel sites?