Friday, 1 May 2009

Microsoft Get it Half-Right

Listening to Paul Rellis MD of Microsoft Ireland speaking at the Ireland US Council lunch on Wednesday in Dublin it struck me that he (and through him Microsoft I assume) only get the message half-right when they talk about fuelling the economy.

Paul said that IQ is what's required to get things back on track economically and that we need is to be training engineers and scientists from pre-school. Fair enough, but technology and IQ alone is not going to get us out of the economic mess in which we currently wallow.

The economic woes which beset us at this time are fuelled by a lack of trust - in people and in the pillars of the market place. That is not fixed by IQ but by EQ - or more specifically what I term 'We-Q'. Rapport, trust, quality relationships, faith in others - these are the corner stones of improved confidence, joint ventures, collaborative business and sales models - this is what cuts to the heart of what can drive the economy again. Trust, rapport and good faith, clarity of thought, passionate focus.

I know a lot of engineers and technical types with great IQ and little EQ - they got the solutions but they couldn't communicate them to a duck - let alone get the duck to buy-into their ideas. How many companies have low morale, porr confidence, detached and fearful workers, cautious and confused clients, poorly trained consultants and sales personnel? Look at the mess that causes.

Knowledge is power and IQ serves - but Wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge and for that we must be able to communicate and engender powerful professional relationships within and without our organisations - We-Q not just IQ is required. Microsoft - you only got it half-right guys.

By the way on my wireless track again - great hotel in London - the Doyle Marylebone - free access, nor room service tray charges, great staff, lovely surroundings and good food. Book here if you're travelling. I'm also staying with them in Bristol by chance next week as well - let's see if the standards maintain themselves.

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