Monday, 9 February 2009


I hear the media talk about the lack of trust being the cause of the global economic downturn.

I've no doubt that this is true. In any relationship trust is the defining factor that opens up communication, connection and co-operation and if the world needs anything now it is co-operation. Only by working together can we get ourselves out of the mess that has been caused by the self-interest of the few.

However trust is not something that comes easily. For someone to trust another there must first be acceptance. Acceptance is determined by the level of similarity that we can see in the other person and the degree of openess that the other person shows to us.

The challenge of business and government in restoring trust to the world is not one of just numbers and financial figures. It is one of an emotional dynamic - a matter of EQ - it is one of proof of integrity. When consumer and the markets see that honesty and transparency has returned to the market place then and only then can we re-build the trust that is the corner stone of global economic and market success.

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