Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Free Wireless!!

God I HATE hotels that charge for wireless access to the Internet? What century do these guys come from. Nothing is going to spoil my experience of a good hotel than having to pay for wireless internet access - on top of your hotel rates!

I actually now ask when I'm booking a hotel if they have free wireless access - and then decide whether I stay there or not. There are at least 3 hotel chains I refuse to stay at now for this simple fact. The funny thing is that one of them used to provide it for free - and then some idiot clearly suggested that they make patrons pay for it. Really - what does it cost them to provide oxygen to power the information world we live in? I know what it costs them in terms of my custom. Anybody else boycotting hotels because they don't provide free access to the Net - or is it just me?

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