Thursday, 29 January 2009

Relationship Marketing

There's nothing nicer than someone showing appreciation. A handwritten card or note is usually the best but we usually don't do it do we? Write it out....put it in the for stamp...go post it ....what's the point?

I came across a wonderful new on-line card marketing system for personal services businesses just recently that I've signed up for

Now you can do all your card writing on-line and the nice people at will print the card for you (you can have one that you make yourself - or choose from a huge range of special interest and business cards), sign it digitally with your personal signature, stick your logo or photo on it) pop it into the envelope and then post it for you. You can send out just the one ...or mount a mass campaign to thousands.

In fact, I liked it sooo much I signed up as a distributor. Just what I like - a value-added service, that I can use in my business, with no inventory, makes life easier and allows me to show my appreciation to my clients - all from the comfort of my laptop.

I'll even be sending my St Patrick's Day cards from it too..!

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