Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year New Rules

Welcome to 09 - a brand new year, a new world and new rules. The first rule is focused activity. Change either happens to us or we make it happen ourselves. Personally, I prefer the latter - that way I don't allow other people's rules or expectations to dictate my outcomes.

Rebels make their own rules and I've started my focused action by recording and editing a demo DVD (see the video clips on the site by the end of the week) and new promo audio CD for sales directors and entrepreneurs called 'Zero to Hero - Questions that Change'. Should have that up as an audio file as well in the coming weeks. I'll use both to start driving more business for the practice within the week.

I've also written and recorded another new audio/workbook programme called 'Rebel in a Business Suit® - Transformational Questions' which takes you on a journey through 9 levels of development: Meaning & Purpose, Vision, Control & Influence, Work/Life Balance, Performance, Communicating & Influencing, Sales/Business Development and Delegation. Finally, I've just finished the edits to a new DVD/Workbook programme called 'Rebel in a Business Suit® - Rebel Secrets™ for Entrepreneurs'.

So a great start to New Year with new energy. If it hasn't been quite as busy for you - change the rules and take more action. Life should be exciting this year.

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