Monday, 22 December 2008

Seasons Greetings

So, the season is upon us again. The time of good will and giving with the promise (and the fears ) of a New Year around the corner.

May I wish you all a pleasant time with family and friends and remember that it is the journey that counts and those that you share it with along the way. Children grow too quickly and their innocence and childhood is snatched away too quickly from them - so cherish what weeks, months and years might be left of that childhood with them. Loved ones, family (even estranged) and friends all share a unique bond with us in this life that we lead. They are here for a purpose- to help us experience the joy and the pain of what it means to be truly human. Therefore live life to the full and fear nothing.

As for the New Year - ask yourself a question 'What one thing could I do, such that if I were to do it I would live my life on a level I've never reached before - on a r'evolutionary level? What would it take to live my dreams?'. The world around us and everything in it is created on the foundation of dreams of other people. Time to add ours to the mix.

Merry Christmas and a R'evolutionary New Year to you all.

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