Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The 'Co' Factor

I was coaching a client on the values and benefits of 'soft power' as opposed to his more traditional 'hard power' directive approach. The client has made huge (and measured) changes in his leadership style - so much so that he is getting positive recognition and re-inforcement of his change from his own immediate boss and is able to influence and persuade his team to move to even higher levels of performance.

However in explaining what 'soft power' means, I was struck by the number of 'co's' that appear in its values.  Co-Leadership, Co-Operation, Co-mmuncations, Co-Creation and so forth. It seems that 'synergistic leadership' is a factor of 'Co'.

What is meant by 'Co' - simple - parity of esteem - shared understanding, ownership and commitment (another 'co'!).

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