Friday, 12 September 2008

Objections Are Better Than Indifference

I am constantly amazed at how fearfully many sales professionals face objections to their propositions.

Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if everyone immediately understood the huge value that we bring to them and opened their cheque books and wallets to us without question? But seeing as they don't - we need to consider sales objections in a different light - as something positive rather than negative.

Look, I can work with an objection - I can probe it further, I can change the way I'm communicating. If they're objecting to what I'm presenting at least they are engaged in the sales process and trying to understand what it is we are presenting. They are looking for more information, or clarity or a reason to buy.

What I can't sell to is indifference, where someone has zero interest in what I'm selling. This can only occur where we got our prospecting criteria wrong in the first place and we are talking to the wrong person. Alternatively it may be happening because I have committed some major 'faux pas' that I'm not aware of, that has caused them some degree of annoyance and hence passive resistance to me or the proposal.

Either way, it's time to move on - selling is about service, not about trying to ram what we have to offer down their throats - that was the old days. The age of 'hard power' selling and not the modern market place where 'soft power' selling is required. The world is an abundant place and it is so much easier to sell to those who have a need and desire for our services and products.

Where objections can never be met by probing, engagement and uncovering the real need behind the objection - retreat, re-group and move on.

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