Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tehran Day 3

Driving in Tehran is scary....but I realised why today. France had a significant interest in Iran at a point in its history and clearly they all learned to drive from Parisians.

I'm blinded from flash bulbs and my mouth is sore from smiling - everyone wants your photograph here after you speak - now I know what its like to have the paparazzi following you but the Iranians are infinitely more polite about it.

I did three seminars today and I must admit at this point I am exhausted. Some work scheduled for Saturday has been deferred so I get the day off for some sight seeing and carpet buying.

Tomorrow, I get stuck into the final edits for the new R-Evolutionary Selling CD programme coming out at the end of March or Mid-April. Giving the video that has been shot this week here I'll also be able to include DVD footage of certain exercises.

It's fun being here and we are being well looked after. I just miss access to nice glass of good wine and some bubble-gum TV - this is the place to be if you are a news junkie - that's all you can get in English here.

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