Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tehran Day 2

The sessions on Selling in Colour and using Advanced Sales Questioning techniques for influencing people went very well today. Lovely people, very friendly and eager to learn.

You feel a little like a rock star with their desire to have photographs taken of you everytime you speak. The other two speakers Paul Archer and Sandro Forte are experienced speakers in this country and almost used to the attention right now.

This is a country of huge potential - great wealth, great size, pro-Western in many ways, that I fear will never accomplish its potential on the world stage. The potential for tourism industry alone is enormous - from fabulous ski runs around Tehran to tropical climates all year round further south - from adventure sports to places of archaeological interests.

Accessing broadband and wi fi here would strain the patience of a saint as well - and my Blackberry for some reason doesn't work here - yet the UK guys on O2 have working mobiles. O2 in Ireland ..hello? The lack of contact is frustrating but one adapts. Life on the road as a professional speaker is always full of trials...!

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