Monday, 31 December 2007


In my last post, I mentioned the twin and archetypal powers of purpose and passion - the one supporting and complimenting the other - and how important they are in business and personal evolution.

There is one other power which, when combined with the other two, effects change. That power is 'provocation'.

Provocation is the spark that ignites the others. It is the stimulus for change in the first place. What is it that provokes us to change? To quote Freud, he said that we move away from pain and towards pleasure - we want to move towards things that bring us meaning or pleasure and away from things that bring us pain.

A simple view but enough to understand the basic drivers of human nature. But we humans are complex pieces of work - thank goodness. It allows for the infinite variety of wonderful people that make up this unique world.

Carnegie said that 'humans are not creatures of logic but creatures of emotion' and that it is primarily our heart and not our heads that desire and create the stimulus for change. If that is the case what emotions stimulate our desire for change - is it fear, anger, rage - or more positive emotions of service and being of value to others, or growth and of actualisation.

Understanding our 'provocative' power helps us to understand our spark and standing as we are on the eve of a new year, it would do us well to take some time to reflect on what drives our passion and our purpose. How do we provoke ourselves and how do we provoke others and do we do so in a positive and affirming way - or are we always driving ourselves and others through short-term, fear-based provocations.

For the leaders and sales professionals of the new age - the new r-evolutionaries - understanding the provocative powers of themselves and others is the key to attaining their goals and the goals of their colleagues and clients.

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