Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Year Plans

The New Year has begun and we are all quickly back into the swing of things. Funny how things quickly return to normality after the holiday season.

However, some exciting journies over the next few months - first to New York where I will be doing some radio interviews about Rebel Island and then to Tehran in February where I will be running a series of sales seminars.

The Eagles of Selling audio programme should also be released in February - incorporating 2 Minute Selling, Selling in Colour, Advanced Sales Questions - The Power of Influence and Stop Hesitating - Start Selling. In addition, I am working on a corporate licensing programme making the G2S coaching system available in-house for corporates as a coaching and mentoring skills training for managers.

Plus 'Rebel in a Business Suit - a Handbook for R-Evolutionaries' will be completed and the practice requires a lot of attention as well as we are opening the business in London within the next 6 weeks also.

Busy eh?

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