Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Purpose and Passion

The twin powers of Purpose and Passion are at the heart of transformation and r-evolution.

When we have a purpose we have a clear vision of the way forward - when we have set our minds on a quest, the wonderful power of the brain begins to focus our thoughts on the achievement of that end. The brain is a goal-seeking organism - it thrives on having an objective.  It is designed for that purpose.

It often seems that many people or organisations have little sense of their true purpose.  They may have started with  an idea and they have grown beyond it or the original visionaries - their purpose achieved - have moved on to other things leaving an organisation in the hands of those who have inherited the body but not the mind of the company.

A purpose must inspire and it must have particular meaning for people. It must have a greater good - something beyond the current perception or expectations of people. It must stretch them - it should be extraordinary.

Purpose alone is not enough however we must fuel that purpose with passion - with heart and with emotion. It must empower us to face whatever, to do whatever, to transcend our current reality. All decisions are emotionally based - fire the emotions and you fire the energy of the gods themselves.

I have often said that God (however you may perceive it) speaks to us through visions but sings to us through our emotions. Put the pictures with the music and you have a powerful soundtrack for your life or work.

To find such extraordinary purpose and passion often requires the ability to take time to actively reflect, to structure and then communicate the vision. Time away is needed for only then can we start to allow our purpose and passion to unfold - as it surely will - free of the distractions of our current reality.  

David Conway, an author of several books on philosophy and mysticism, once said to me that 'magic was the ability of the magician to bend the environment to his or her will'.  If that is the case, then we can truly create 'magic' and transform our worlds when we fire our true purpose with our true passion.

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