Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Future Proofing Programme Level 5: Performance

Level 5: Performance

Raising our game comes down to managing our expectations. Our expectations - not our goals - drive our behaviours and performance.

As humans we are ‘blessed’ with what I term ‘divine discontent’ – that no matter what stage in life we are at we usually want to change it, improve it or tweak it to make it even better.

We all want to perform at our best and for many different reasons. There is an inherent need in all of us to take ourselves to the next level. As I tweeted recently ‘Ask yourself: what is it that I can be? What is left that is still within me? How may I leave a mighty echo in the halls of Eternity’.

What is critical about creating performance expectations is the need for personal clarity. Being clear about what performance means to us personally.

Reflecting on the following questions, see how you might define performance for yourself. Remember too that performance also comes with a price. Therefore also reflect on what price you are willing to pay for the level of performance that would satisfy you.

1.   Would you say you are accomplishing everything you know you are capable of accomplishing or achieving in your life/work/business right now?

2.   What’s not happening here that you’d love to be happening?

3.   What would be the single greatest challenge facing you right now?

4.   What one thing could you do that might significantly impact on that?

5.   What sort of resources (people or things) – that are within your control or that you can access - would you need to radically improve your performance right now?

6.   Who else is impacting on or can support you in shifting your performance gears?

7.   How would you know when your performance had radically improved? What would be different?

8.   Who else needs to know that you are committing to increasing your performance levels? How might we communicate this to them or network with them?

9.   What will the impact be on your life and self by increasing the performance objectives?

10.  What are the rewards to be gained by pushing your boundaries by just 10% more? Picture those rewards, get a feel for them.

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