Friday, 29 April 2011

Future Proofing Programme Level 4 Work/Life Balance

Level 4: Work/Life Balance;

It is recognised and accepted that taking regular breaks from focusing on work or business can lead to even greater creativity, productivity and success.

Allowing our brain to disengage from being constantly focused on something, allowing it time to rest, to reflect and to play, allows our mind to refresh and come back at a challenge or a problem with even greater flexibility and more successful outcomes.

Taking short but regular holidays and breaks also allows us to refresh our energies faster and avoid the inevitable burn-out that comes from over-attention to work or business.

The subconscious mind is charged with protecting us and if we do not pay heed to the symptoms it gives that warn us of stress or ill-health then we quickly fall victim to illness as a result of lowered immune systems.

The body is directly connected with the mind and weariness in one will lead quickly to weariness in the other. Therefore mental rest is just as important as physical rest.

Activities with family, friends and on one’s own are also critical to effective mental health and well being. If we are to compete at our best we need to learn to take appropriate rest and mental relaxation and not ‘over-train’.

Taking time out with people who share our lives and love also provides us with a rich store of memories which will enrich our lives as we grow older.

As they say life is not a dress rehearsal, our children grow far too quickly and the neglect of people that matter in our lives may cause us to lose them. No success is of value if it cannot be shared. To live the life you have to the full it must be done with others who can share your triumphs and victories.

Take some time to reflect on this now.

1.   What would be the best ratio of work to leisure time for the right work/life balance for you? How many hours in a week would you devote to work and life?

2.   What is the current ratio?

3.   What personal or relationship challenges is that creating for you?

4.   What professional challenges is that creating for you?

5.   Are you clear about what your business/manager expects from you in terms of commitment and have you discussed this?

6.   Have you ever discussed with your partner/family what they expect of you to keep the relationship strong?

7.   How often do you plan rest and recreation for yourself personally?

8.   Have you a schedule for time and recreation for yourself?

9.   If you were to plan being home early two nights a week – what evenings would they be?

10.  What activities would you plan that would encourage this?

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