Monday, 14 September 2009

Trust Yourself

Being a bit esoterically inclined I tend to be a bit 'woo woo' from time to time so I'm quite comfortable when people start saying things like 'trust the Universe' and 'the Universe is abundant'.

Actually it's not. The 'Universe' is a capricious and self-serving entity and while it might be abundant - it is abundant in it's own good time and seldom in time to meet the needs you might have at a given moment. Yep, maybe this does have something to do with the fact that energy moves slower on this level of existence but I like to feel that if I can think fast why can't things change just as fast?

Trust yourself and never mind the bloody Universe.

In this time of change and challenge I'm reminded of an excellent piece of advice 'luck is when preparation meets opportunity'. Lucky people tend to be the ones that have prepared or continue to prepare for when circumstances (or the Universe) catches up with what they have readied themselves for.

Such people do not 'buy into' the myth of the herd. As the philosopher Goethe says - they 'first act and Providence moves to aid you'. They are not waiting to predict the future - they act to create it.

They trust themselves and act on what they believe to be true - and THEN the Universe moves to provide it's bounty. But it won't do it if you are sitting on your backside waiting for a handout. The Universe just doesn't work that way.

Like the Law of Reciprocity in selling - you got to do something first before it returns it ten fold - we got to act first not fear first to make a change. Trust yourself.

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