Friday, 4 September 2009


Dr. Denis Waitley a good friend and mentor once said, that one should 'chase your passion and not your pension'.

I thought that I understood this as I had committed myself to a business - a vocation even - that I loved. Helping people to self-actualise, achieve their potential and evolve.

But if that's the secret, why was life still so tough? For years how come the mystical 'flow' wasn't working - how come I still had to seem to work hard for everything that I achieved - so much so that eventually it wasn't any fun anymore. How come if I worked so hard at what I was so passionate about I wasn't haven't more fun and when eventually (dear God) would I get to that mythical place of balance between my personal and professional selves?

The answer only struck me recently (and I do appreciate that I AM slow...). Passion isn't just about what you work at. Pension isn't just about the money - it's about the health, the friends, the family, the personal joy, the interests, the loves that you develop as a person.

Chasing 'your passion not your pension' isn't just about the money and the work - it's about all of you and all that you do. Life is a 'now' thing. Joy is something we choose.

When we realise that the living the balance is what matters most, when we chase the passions in our personal lives as well as the passions in our working lives - then the 'flow' comes.

Give yourself permission to chase your personal passions and the joy and the energy that you get from that will unlock reservoirs of energy for all your other endeavours.

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