Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The 1%ers

Hell's Angel members are known to wear a patch with a 1% sign on it to denote that they are the outsiders, the few, the rejects. So much for the 'dark side' Luke. But what about the other side of the equation?

The world is run by 1%ers. People who 'do' things, people who aren't afraid to act and put themselves on the edge to make change.

People who will act despite fear, who will follow the path that is right for them, who will sacrifice and commit whatever needs to be done to do something, anything, that will make change. These are the people who start businesses, respond to blogs (yes, it does feel that I'm only one in the digital world sometimes), create social entrepreneurship, invest in themselves, continually evolve their skills and talents, make the necessary decisions, create the trust and the activity that the market and the world needs to sustain itself.

Oh there are other people who also do things - they pick up the fad or follow along behind those that lead - they may even develop and sustain what the 1%er has started. But they are the next 'percentage band', not quite on the edge - not the few.

The world is not run by the many but by the few. Those who refuse to be gelded by those who would keep the world in a state of lethargy or fear or the markets in turmoil. In good times the 1%ers are forgotten, overlooked, deemed trouble-makers, fanatics.

But in a time of crisis, in a world of fear - they are the one's who will rise.

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