Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Today Obama gets sworn in. In a sea of gloom this is one bright hope (however forcefully marketed). Hope is a powerful thing. It raises the vision one has of the road ahead. It lifts our spirits for those extra steps along the road. It fires the belly with determination to see the race through.

Hope is required in this revolutionary time. In a time when we may feel that the world is out of control, spiraling down and lost then hope gives us the chance to look upwards at what can be, what we can create if we just lift our sights. Hope is always about better futures. It sustains us in the darkest of hours. All is lost when hope is lost.

So today let the light of hope shine. Let this one world event prove to us that in the midst of it all, things can and do change. It requires patience and above all persistence. Never stop moving forward and let hope lead your way.

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