Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Rebel Women 1

I am due to address a group of 120 female executives from the Dell Corporation shortly on the subject of networking. Actually, it's 60 executives from Dell who then bring in 60 more of their female colleagues in other businesses. An excellent idea and a reinforcement of the fact that women have an innate sense of the power and value of connection.

I truly believe that a shift is happening in business and that we are moving rapidly towards a more feminine energy model of doing business. The turmoil that we have faced in recent months and years has been due largely to an over-emphasis on masculine energy values such as profit at all cost. Such values are leading to the destruction of society and the global environment. An acceptance of a more feminine energy model which would emphasise nurture, community, co-operation, communication and connection is needed and is emerging.

However that does not mean that women have a natural edge in this new world. As long as women attempt to play the business game by adopting masculine values and pretending to be males they will not evolve past the 'glass ceiling'. By learning to embrace their natural powers and values while learning the skills sets of connecting, engaging, persuading however the 'ceiling' disappears as they create a new dynamic in business. They also have to become much more supportive of each other in the world of business.

For men, there is equally a need to recognise and embrace the feminine energy within themselves. The ability to listen instead of dictate, to collaborate and create something greater than compete over something smaller, to understand the power of leverage through networking.

It is truly a time of transformation and I look forward to opportunity of working with more women executives and entrepreneurs as the New Year dawns and helping to awaken their r'evolutionary selves to create a bright new future.

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