Thursday, 27 November 2008

Inaction to Action

The world is waiting for leadership to move us on from this financial disaster that we are wallowing in at present. Leadership that can inspire confidence and encourage those who cannot lead themselves to take the kind of action that effects change.

When are we going to get the fact that leadership starts with us - that leadership is no longer vested in one man or one woman? I am amazed at the fear and the paralysis that infects the corporate world at present. It's as if people are delighted to have the opportunity to defer, delay and dismiss - 'nothing to do 'til Xmas and we'll fix it in the New Year'. What's required now is clarity and action and that should start at the individual level.

Yes, there is a change happening in the world, the revolution is here. This is a time when values are changing and those that are willing to take action to accelerate change, who can adapt and innovate are the ones that can thrive now. Fear leads to inaction and there may be reasons to fear but only courage can change things. I once heard courage described 'as the ability to act despite the presence of fear'.  We need to chose to act despite the presence of fear.

We need to have the courage to take the time now to reflect and gain clarity of purpose, decide on the actions that are required, build alliances and look at innovative ways to create the world as we would have it and not allow ourselves to be driven down someone else's path.

In my own case business has gotten quieter as people live with their fear but I am making plans. I am networking, attending lunches, giving lunches meeting people who can and will make decisions, creating a product portfolio and re-positioning the business to adapt and thrive in the new market and defining key niches that will be the players in the new world order of business.

To do nothing is not an option. Action creates dynamics. It is the way of change. We can fear change or we can lead it. It is a personal choice, your choice. So let us begin the transformation to a new world of business.

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