Sunday, 31 August 2008

Stop Imagining!

Most of my work as a coach involves helping clients change limiting perceptions and raise their expectations. It is true that expectations drive behaviour and then performance - I have seen it too many times over the last 11 years in this field not to believe it so. But what it is that drives our expectations?

My youngest son (he's only 6..) told me a joke today. He said: 'Imagine you were stuck in a box with chains on it and then they dumped the box in the water - how would you escape Dad' When I scratched my head and told him I didn't know he said: 'STOP IMAGINING!!' and fell over with laughter at how stupid a dad can be...

Stop Imagining....what are the problems we are creating for ourselves through overactive and undisciplined or externally manipulated imaginings. How long will the 'tough times' last in business or will wars continue or all the inadequacies of the world remain - as long as we imagine them or when we can start to imagine (and then act to create) a new and different future.

It was once said that 'whatever the mind can imagine, mankind can create'.  We have demonstrated this simple yet profound fact many times through history. Perhaps it's time to start imagining and now creating a r'evolutionary personal, business and societal future.

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