Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sales Sabotage

Are your support staff sabotaging your sales?

At a time of 0% growth in the UK economy for the first time in 16 years, it would do sales leaders and entrepreneurs well to look at what part their administration and support staff play in either gaining or losing sales for the business.

I've just decided to move my business to a new garage. In fact, not only that but I'm prepared to significantly inconvenience myself and pay more in order to do so. Why? Because the receptionist in the previous garage was incapable of making me feel like I was a welcome customer.

After buying my new car I had several reasons (checks, some faults that needed attention, a service) to come back. Everytime that I came into the reception area I was left standing for some time in front of the receptionist while she finished a call or was speaking to a colleague. Not a 'just a moment' with good eye contact and a smile. Not an apology for being kept waiting. Not an indication that I was anything other than an inconvenience. Well, she's the inconvenience and so is the business. How much money have they lost because of this 'glitch'in the customer contact chain.

I rang another garage and was greeted by a receptionist with a pleasant voice, a clear series of questions about my car and my needs, a promise to provide a car or taxi to minimise my inconvenience - if they can manage a smile and 'hello' when I make it in - then they get my business for life.

Time to review and upskill your customer contact chain. In a time of scarcity, when the customer will again be king, we can't afford the sales saboteurs in our midst.

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