Saturday, 7 June 2008


I've just uploaded another video introducing a fellow r'evolutionary Lesley Everett on Rebel Island TV on the website . Lesley speaks about discovering and promoting your authentic brand and by doing so raising your game and that of your business.

Authenticity is a very hard thing to manufacture - it has to be mined.

One has to look deep within oneself to find one's inner compass and then learn to trust it. I'm a great advocate of the Insights Discovery psychometric tool which allows one to discover one's preferred communication and personality style in a non-judgemental way. I use it for coaching and for team communications and find it both great fun for participants and a great way to establish an intuitive language for communication.

The report often presents us with two aspects of ourselves - our 'unconscious self' which is who we truly are and our 'conscious or adaptive self' - the person or the mask that we manufacture to operate in business.

How different would things be - and how much more powerful would we be in our communications and our relationships - if we truly had the courage to discover and live our natural selves. If we could be fearless and free - if we could release the rebel from the business suit.

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