Friday, 4 April 2008


After you've been in this business of serving people in their quest for personal and professional decelopment, you eventually realise that there is only so far that you can go by doing it by yourself.

Many businesses in this field tend to be one-man/woman bands and they get along just fine. However, there comes a time when, if you really care about making a significant difference, you have to synergise your work with those of other firms.

For me that time has come recently and I am currently working on projects with two other firms in order to deliver new and scalable solutions for clients.

In the first I am introducing a new sales due diligence service which offers a comprehensive assessment for the skills of sales people within organisations - and having done this, can provide the exact type of professional development to help them become true 'rainmakers'. I'm quite excited by this one as it provides, for the first time for me, an independent evaluation of selling skills so that we can deliver quantified change. Originally developed for the technology sector it is applicable to all sales professionals in all industries. For more details drop me a line at

The second involves a unique arrangement where, despite having the skills required for the firm, I just don't have the scalability to meet their needs. Having come through an exhaustive tendering process a major bank now wants to work with two vendors - myself and one other to deliver the solution. Initially, I had a challenge with this - what with different philosophies of coaching, approaches and so forth - as did the other firm. However, with patience and a willingness to engage we have found a way of moving forward and trust that, together, we can provide the best possible solution for the client.

Synergy, communication, collaboration. Key values for the new age - and one's that will increasingly determine our futures in work and service.

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