Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Evolution is always with us.

I've finally put the finishing touches to the edits for the R'evolutionary Selling audio sales series and currently working with a designer to develop a new brand look for the whole idea.

The designer came up with a nice simple idea to spell r'evolutionary in this way as opposed to the r-evolutionary manner I was using before. Simple but I think very effective and much more elegant. I'm hoping to tie-down a logo for this in the coming days working on the idea of evolution 'to the power of r'.

I'm also negotiating the re-design of the current website to include an e-commerce facility and integrate a lot of what I've learned in the past year about the digital environment from Declan Elliott of Mobilavenue - a web guru if ever there was one.

But isn't the price of web design outlandish? Especially when you know there is a host of third-party software already on the Net that just needs to be bolted onto a framework. If anybody can recommend a good impoverished student with a flare for the Web - let me know!

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