Monday, 10 March 2008

The Power of Two

Business is a dynamic. You can never sit still as a critical part of business is continuing to develop and enhance relationships for growth.

When I started out in selling I was a great cold-caller - I would cold-call all day just to get that appointment. However, as one gets smarter with experience, I realised that the most powerful business tool today is the ability to network.

We live in a connected world - everyone can reach anyone with just a mobile call or text - you just need the permission to do so. Permission selling - just like permission marketing on the Net - is about having a person willing enough to meet with you with a view to seeing where the value might lie, for them, in spending some time with you and seeing what it is you can do for them. Networking is always about the other person and never about us.

The value of that 'permission-based' meeting is either to identify areas where you can specifically help that person or where they can help you with a referral to, not one, but two other people.

Getting referrals in 'twos' from everyone you meet creates a 'living' network - one that is far more dynamic than just getting a single referral. It has both width - and if you get two referrals from each of the people you were referred to - it has depth. This is what can build powerful foundations to a career or a business.

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