Monday, 22 October 2007

Singing Sinatra

I would have a fairly eclectic taste for music- I' d pretty much listen to anything really- from classical themes to heavy metal rock. Love it all. In fact as a kid I used to play trombone in my school band and that, coupled with a musical and artistic dad and hiding out at the back of the garden shed to avoid my piano lessons (sorry Mr. Rafferty), probably helped me with creating such a wide taste.

However when it comes to just good old relaxing fun music to listen to while driving, I've gotten much more into the Rat Pack (Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jnr) in recent years. So, last Friday, I had the chance to fulfil a dream and that was sing to Sinatra in front of a live band at a live gig. 'Love and Marriage' the chosen piece - light and easy - and more importantly for the organisers who had reluctantly allowed me to sing after I'd helped raise a few bob for sponsoring the charity (blackmail or what?) - short. At least if I was bad I'd be off the stage quick.

Now I could talk to thousands and it would never bother me - but sing in front of strangers? That was quite another thing. 250 of them to be precise who had all paid to be there - plus my family. I was nervous all week but I was going to do this - yet it would have so much easier not to. Courage they say is not the absence of fear but the ability to act despite it.

The night came, (after I had been rehearsed repeatedly, then put in front of the musical director that night- if I was that bad there was no way I was going on...) and passed the 'audition'. When the time came it was unexpectedly upon me - I swore that if the MC gave me a big build up that when I got the mike I'd say that was my brother he'd been talking about - and then it was counting the beats in and begin.

When you commit to something you may as well go all the way and so I did - the whole shebang - moving around, hand gestures, the lot. It was over before I knew it to huge round of applause. I felt buzzed and especially so when I got back to the family table - my Dad said I was'ok' , my mom said I was ' very good' and my sisters said I was 'brilliant'. In my family, that's a hat-trick of compliments. Plus my wife didn't have time to disappear to the 'ladies' when I got up to sing.

Many of us have dreams - some large and some small - in order to be all that we can be - to actualise our potential - it's important to step up to the mike now and then and despite the fears, sing your song.

Maybe I'll bring out a Christmas album........

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