Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Busy Week

This week's a busy one for me.

I have just completed filming a piece for an new internet TV channel for sales and small business professionals and then this evening I am presenting in front of a 100 sales people at an event called The Closers Club at Dublin's Westbury Hotel.

There I'm discussing the '6 Secrets of Networking' and hoping to present the message about how networking is the professional business development tool of the 21st century. It reduces time wasted on cold calling, allows you to target qualified prospects and allows you to build rapport and trust with them in a relaxed surroundings - all of which is a great start to looking for a meeting at a later point when you can make any formal business pitch. Check out the practice website for more articles on networking in the sales section.

Tomorrow I am meeting the Private Secretary to the President of Ireland for lunch to discuss networking on a more global scale - the network of the Irish disapora - and I am also scheduled to be profiled for the Rebel project in the careers sections of The Times (of London).

Finally, I make my debut singing Sinatra at a charity event for cancer on Friday with a 25-piece big band at Ireland's largest sports stadium Croke Park.

Then to bed for the weekend......


  1. Hi Sean,

    Had a quick look around the web site. One observation - almost unreadable because of the colours. I read the content using print preview. I suggest you consider a different scheme. The content is good but very very hard to read on-line.

    best Regards


  2. Hi Denis, thanks for taking a look - you'll notice that change has happened. The value of feedback! Best, S.