Monday, 10 September 2007


Did you ever get the feeling you were finally on the right path and that everything up to now has been preparing you for this one thing.

I'm certainly getting the feeling right now as the Rebel in a Business Suit concept starts to evolve and I attract people who resonate with the idea.

I had the great and good fortune to have lunch with two remarkable characters last week. One was Declan Elliott of The Fulfil Group and the other was Dr. P J Francis who is the successor to Anthony DeMello and is now working both in India and Ireland.

Declan is a remarkable guy who in his own quiet way initiates a huge amount of change for organisations. He has been of great assistance to me on my journey to find my digital voice and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

He has proven to be a tremendous mentor in opening my eyes to the power of having a digital space on the net that interacts rather than advertises. I can safely say that none of the social network web projects coming to fruition would have ever happened without his direct intervention. Thank you Declan.

He led me to a wonderful quote by a Net guru called Kevin Kelly saying the "Web runs on love, not greed". I've not read the article yet but the quote is quite profound and appeals to me in that love is a generator, it is something that one wants to share with others. It connects people and makes us one. Greed or hate is a blocker and ultimately leaves us abandoned. The Web could not function without connection. Perhaps it is becoming part of spiritual fabric of the world that we live in today.

PJ Francis was another remarkable character I had the good fortune to share some time with last week. Having worked with de Mello for 14 years he is now developing and extending the work on Awareness - a key facet of de Mello's life towards the end. Francis (his first name actually) shared his experiences of working with deMello over that time and the changes that he saw in the man and his beliefs. I have no doubt that he is a worthy successor and look forward to his working with us on the Rebel Council in Rebel Island. For more details on this visit Rebel in a Business Suit.

Convergence, synchronicity, trusting the Universe. Goethe was right when he said "be bold and mighty forces come to your aid - simply act and Providence will move to aid you".


  1. Hi Sean, many thanks for your kind words and hospitality. Great to meet with Francis, Fran and all your family. Delighted to learn that you have decided to self publish Rebel in a Business Suit on the web for one and all to enjoy. Make sure to also checkout Kevin's essay We are the Web from the August 2005 edition of Wired magazine.

  2. Hi Declan, thanks for taking time out to respond. Comments are meant as written - thanks for the help and guidance. Looking forward to continuing to step digitally into the future.