Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Call to Action

I am continually amazed by the number of meetings that business advisers and relationship managers have with clients where there never seems to be a 'call to action' at the end of the meeting.

Any meeting and every meeting should have a specific outcome - there should be a measured difference as a result of the meeting. Have the client do something. Show them that they have not wasted their time in spending it with us. The days of meetings for the sake of meetings are over.

We need to demonstrate value at the end of every client meeting and often that value is about encouraging the client to do something different that either adds value to them or helps move us (both adviser and client) towards a preferred and desired outcome.

Requesting a call (or an invitation) to action engages the client, involves them and makes them a 'co-creator of value' in the process. If we are afraid of them objecting to a 'call to action' remember that it is an objection not a rejection. We simply have to more effectively explain the value that comes from taking the action.

Every meeting ..sound the call.

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