Friday, 23 September 2011

The Universal Laws of High Net Worth Client Engagement: Law 1

1. The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction begins to work for you when you learn to shape your thinking to attract the right information, people and resources that you require to be successful. 

The High Trust Advisor uses this secret as a means of creating the environment and the outcomes that they are looking for.

Some would have us believe that there is some ‘magical’ power or voodoo 'secret' in this but in reality it has more to do with the alignment of our mental perception or awareness than any 'supernatural' abilities.

To make the Law of Attraction work more effectively for us requires that we are crystal clear about not just what the outcome is that we require but also the reason why it’s important to us personally in the first place.

Our focus and our awareness are especially acute if there is a significant value for us in the outcome. 

Tying a powerful emotional value or benefit to the successful accomplishment of any outcome guarantees that our mind creates the motivation (motive in action) to make the outcome  happen. More importantly,  it aligns our mental filters to present us with the opportunities to make things happen by sharpening our awareness and making us hyper aware of when such opportunities present themselves.
By that I mean it aligns our brain to start noticing things that prior to focusing our intention on a particular outcome, we might have missed.

High Trust Advisors (HTA’s) know how to create and act on these opportunities by choice.
By way of example let me tell you a personal story.

Not long after my first son was born my wife told me that if I wanted that sports car I’d always hungered after that now was the time to do it – before any more kids came along…. or else, I’d have to wait until all the kids (both current and clearly those planned for the future) had left college and the house. Because from now on all our cars were going to estate cars or minivans…
Delighted that I’d received ‘permission from the missus’ I duly purchased the car I had wanted at that time…low profile tyres, metallic silver paint, convertible …loving this…a dream fulfilled.

So I’ve just bought the car. Now I’m stopped at the traffic lights, the sun is shining and I am feeling good. I’m feeling like I’m something special I can tell you…

I casually glance in my rear view mirror and to my horror, right behind me is the exact…same…model of car…same colour…extras…the lot.

So putting on speed to hastily leave the other guy behind, I turn the corner…only to be confronted by yet another car of the same type (different colour). In the space of about 30 minutes I discovered six similar cars on my travels…they were fleas on a dog – everywhere!

Not such a happy chap now I can tell you. Yet what as happening was the immutable secret of attraction.

I had a very clearly defined sense of focus (the car), I had a powerful emotional tie to this particular car (desire) and I had invested a significant value in the car (the money I borrowed to pay for the car). So my brain had been sent a very powerful message to identify this particular car whenever it appeared in my radius of perception.

As humans we receive a vast range of information consciously (some say 200,000 and others 2 million bits of information per second – anyway, it’s a lot) but we can only consciously process what’s called ‘the magic number’ – which is 7 plus or minus 2 things. 

Which means, that the conscious mind can be terribly limited but nevertheless, we rely on it to define what we perceive to be our ‘reality’.

So what happens to all the other ‘bits’ of information? The information is deleted, distorted and generalised to fit our personal ‘reality’ by a series of ‘perception’ filters in the brain.

What impacts on these filters are things like our values, our early condition and experiences, our sense of worth, education and so on – so you could say we ‘see, hear and feel’ a reality unique from everybody else.

By being able to change these ‘filters’ - by ‘reprogramming’ them - we are able to quickly identify from all the vast amount of information that is coming at us the key things that matter most in making our goal or intention a reality.

In other words, we are able to programme our sense of awareness to pick up on the right information, people or resources in our ‘radius of perception’ to provide us with the opportunity or access that we have been looking for – whereas someone who does not know how to align their thinking to spot these opportunities is at a distinct disadvantage.

It is by understanding this psychological principle - and knowing how to set well structured and articulated goals that change our ‘perceptional filters’ - that we as High Trust Advisors can drive our personal and professional success using the Law of Attraction.

We should not attempt to divine the future - rather exert yourself and be it's creator. Simply begin.

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