Monday, 11 April 2011

Future Proofing: Level 2 Vision

Level 2: Vision

A powerful personal vision has been the driving force of all great men and women in history. Their commitment to their dream, their ‘sense of destiny’, the world that they would make in their own likeness (for bad or for good) has carried them through their own personal times of challenge and crisis.

Such men and women, who by their dreams and actions have left such a mighty echo in the halls of eternity, did not seek to try and predict their futures like many do, instead they created them through the power of their vision and their willingness to take action despite the odds.

You have that power too – the power to envision, to create and then to make real. The Earth was created first from the dreams of gods and then the dreams of mankind. Dreams become our reality when we focus, set a deadline and then act upon them.

Everything around us started with someone’s vision of a different world – technology, roads, even our ascent to the stars. Where can your vision take you and what difference will it make to the people around you and the purpose you serve? Take some time to reflect on this now. Sit back, relax and listen.

1.   How would you imagine your self or your business or your career in 5 years from now?

2.   How would that look and feel or even sound?

3.   What would be the key differences between then and now?

4.   What areas would you specifically need to focus on to make that future happen?

5.   What key stakeholders might also be involved? Think of family, friends and colleagues.

6.   How would you plan to reach out to them and involve them in your vision?

7.   What additional personal and/or business resources might you need to make it happen?

8.   What further education or mentoring might you need? How might you need to change and adapt to make the vision a reality?

9.   Where would you need to be in 12 months to make the 5 year vision work?

10. What would be the single most important thing to focus on now to make that happen – what first steps could you take?

11.  Step out into that future and meet yourself then. What 3 pieces of advice would you give yourself that can help you make the future reality?

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