Friday, 8 October 2010

What Makes You Memorable?

We are living in an attention deficit society - people's ability to focus on one thing seems to be rapidly deteriorating - and yet it's as important as ever to get people's attention.

So the question is - what makes you memorable? What is it about you that defines you - a value, a look, a voice, a strongly held principle, a brand? For me it's adopting the title Rebel in a Business Suit - people say it is me. It is congruent with my style and approach to life. I look like a 'suit' but I have the heart and soul of a 'rebel'.You never quite know what to expect!

I'm comfortable working in the corporate world, I fit in there but I don't belong to the corporate world.That allows me to deliver insights and new perspectives to the people that I work with there - but I don't follow the corporate rules. I think differently, I challenge the norms - and I have fun. It's what I do and there are many people in corporate life who wear the suits and would love to be a rebel - if only they would trust themselves. Today - we need less 'suits' and more 'rebels'. Innovators, creatives, people who drive things forward and take risks and share the accountability and the fun.

What do you do? What are you passionate about that you can bring to who you are and stand over it so that everyone else gets to see it too? What makes you memorable? 

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