Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Pareto's People

I've become convinced only about one-fifth of the business population make things work. It's not that the other 80% don't get the same opportunity for education and training but they seem not to want to do anything with that opportunity - in fact they actively attempt to avoid it. It's as if they are afraid to face their insecurities and failings and therefore it's easier not to do anything at all or (even worse) rubbish the very things (and people) that can help them evolve and somehow feel better in themselves for doing that.

An ex-colleague and a good friend of mine once said 'you want to be working with people who want to be in the room' and I think that defines it rather well. As an educator in sales and leadership I want to be working with people who want to be 'in the room' - yet I find that even some companies (highlighted by the fact that their people often lack common courtesy in their dealings with people) - aren't even at the races when it comes to committing to excellence. At best they are mediocre and get in the way of those who aspire to excellence.

Then there are those individuals and companies that do commit to excellence. The 20%.

I call them Pareto's People (from the 80/20 rule - Pareto's Principle?) . These are the people who get us out of the messes caused by the 80%. These are the one who want to learn who want to excel and who make a personal committment to excellence.

They are today's heros - they are the one's who re-shape the world - often ignored, they are the ones that the pace of human evolution comes down to. They sort the mess. So here's to Pareto's People - the people 'who want to be in the room' - you know who you are and I salute you!

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