Wednesday, 2 December 2009

R'evolutionary Leadership

I recently attended a meeting about joining a new group that would support leadership - in all it's forms - within society.

The aim of the group is to show how leadership is a part of us all (whoever we are and however we serve - nurses, teachers, janitors, bin people, gardai, students, ) and that we all have the ability to lead through (as George Hook the radio commentator put it when he described Brian O'Driscoll of the national rugby team) 'fortitude, courage and sheer bloody mindedness'.

An example of how the people take back power is in this fantastic website to support those citizens devasted by the floods in recent weeks. It's not just about financial donations it's about the ability to help and contribute even with 'the sweat off your brow'. Often the offer of one's self is the more valuable.

My compliments and admiration for the ingenuity, 'fortitude, courage and sheer bloody mindedness' it took to take action and make change.

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