Monday, 21 December 2009

The Power of Specificity

Ambiguity ruins a relationship.

Anywhere there is a lack of clarity or a lack of specificity in a business relationship it impacts on trust and diminishes the perceived value of the offering.

In negotiation ambiguity works in the favour of the person who is doing the buying - not the seller. One can find oneself committing to discounts and extra offerings after the deal is done because the terms of agreement were not clear.

Yet ambiguity can be banished with a simple word. When asking questions - Rudyard Kipling's '6 Honest Serving Men' (how, what, where, why, when and who) come to mind - we need only to add one small word to change the quality of the conversation. That word is 'specifically' .

The word 'specifically' (as in 'how specifically, where specifically, what specifically') removes ambiguity, banishes doubt and clarifies the obligations and expectations quickly.

In setting your objectives for the coming decade - try it on yourself. This can be the word that raises you and your potential and how you impact with clients to a new level.

Compliments of the season and act to make the world as you would wish it in the coming year.

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