Monday, 17 August 2009

Here Comes the Fall (Autumn)

I think every business person comes to a stage when they must decide whether their business needs to be a lifestyle or a growth model.  Maybe I've reached that stage in life when I've realised that 'growth' is the only option really - building something that is greater than the sum of your own parts is the real business challenge.

So, I've come back from my hols with the quickening beat of Autumn (Fall) in the air with a new plan for the coming something. It is with that in mind that I have re-addressed the thorny question of my digital footprint and what I want it to do for me. Good people have told me that the content I provide is of value - but how to take it to the greater world?

My business site, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook - they are all there but I'm concerned that they all hang very loosely from each other and exist in independent worlds.

The challenge now is to grow an information marketing business - one that can be sustained beyond my little self - to create a website that captures names and builds list, markets quality information, products and services to a highly defined group of quality clients.

As for me I have to recognise that I am not enough on my own and now to seek quality people to join the team and live the dream. To grow requires a recognition of one's overriding critical value to the business and that other skills - even if you have them in spades yourself - must be recruited and hired. That is the next step.

..and so it begins. What will you build this year that is greater than the sum of your parts? Raise the bar of your passion.

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