Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Learning is not an option

I've just come back and catching up on my work since being at the Professional Speakers Association conference in the UK recently where I presented my keynote 'Rebel in a Business Suit - Secrets of the R'evolutionaries'.

I totally recommend that, even in these more challenging times, one commits oneself to continuing the journey of continual professional development. For any professional to stop learning simply because things are getting a little tougher in the market place is tantamount to professional and competitive suicide. Learning is not an option it is a requirement.

Preparing yourself, readying your competitive edge and going out into the economic battlefield requires education, knowledge and not a little wisdom. Such things come from a committment to on-going learning and conferences or seminars are ideal locations for this. Connecting with colleagues and competitors, feeling the pulse of the market, being in a place that educates or inspires reflective and creative thought - it can be amazing what can come from this.

For me one piece of insight which occurred on my way home was remarkable. People often ask me to sum up the idea of being a 'Rebel in a Business Suit'.

For me, it's about transformation through balance.

The Rebel in the Suit is the Yin in the Yang, the Light in the Dark, the Active in the Reflective - for me the insight that came was that being a 'Rebel in a Business Suit' is all about is that being the 'rebel' is about having the courage to decide to take r'evolutionary or transformational actions and ideas and what being the 'suit' is about is being able to create or find the system, the process or the method that provides the means for making those actions work. Spirit into Matter - Dreams into Reality

Transformation is about balance - the rebel that decides and the suit that provides.

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