Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Soft Power

We live in a new time - a time when 'soft power' will supercede 'hard power'. 'Hard Power' 'or do it because I'm the boss and I tell you to do it' is antiquated. It's 'suit thinking'.

'Soft Power' the ability to connect with someone at a deep level and have them willingly involve and engage with helping us accomplish our goals is the new power. This is 'rebel thinking'.

The ability to influence, persuade, connect, leverage, develop a credible brand, be tech-savvy and know how to project oneself in a world that has an increasing number of voices and opinions - will determine one's future success.

Where does this 'soft power' come from? From within. When we have a clear sense of ourselves and what we want out of our careers and our lives, then we can begin to learn how to project that'soft power' to get others to help us make those dreams come through. 'Soft Power' cannot be created until we make time to reflect on our environment or our context.

Ideally, that time should be during a period of 'enforced reflection' where we periodically sit with a coach who can bring an external perspective, a synergy and accountability to our quest to define, refine and deadline our dreams.

The constitutents of soft power - provocation (provided by your coach) passion (provided by you) and purpose (refined by you both) - inexorably lead to persuasion and collaboration.

The willing engagement of people to help you create a future that is greater than anything that could ever have been accomplished on your own. This is the power of the rebel in a business suit - this is 'soft power'.

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