Friday, 15 February 2008


I am travelling to Tehran shortly - not a place I ever expected to visit but I am giving a sales conference there next week. I'm not quite sure what to expect. I've just received an email from my friendly and professional Irianian contact, Sepehr, who has been a regular emailer with hints and tips about the trip since I agreed to go.

Apparently, its foggy and wet in Tehran now and about 10 degrees Centigrade - not too different from Ireland right now then. It is truly a trip into unchartered waters for me and one which I am looking forward to. It is an ancient land - the land of the Persians - and one which figures hugely in classical history.

Who knows what adventures await and what opportunities will open in the east.  I'm always curious about people and this is an opportunity to see a people in their place and time. A chance to see behind the perceptions that are manufactured for us and engage with a people known for their friendliness and courtesy.

Let the journey begin.

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