Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Global Leaders

An interesting article by Rebecca Knight in the Financial Times was brought to my attention today. Entitled 'Studied Approach to a better world' it talks about the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program funded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation.

This programme brings outstanding young students from universities (such as the Stockholm School of Economics) around the world together to network and engage in discussing solutions to world problems. The stated intent is 'to inspire students to be bold innovators, leaders in the first degree' and 'counting on them to make a better world'.

The programme is run by the Institute of International Education and draws from speakers and academics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Morehouse College.

Fantastic work and much to be congratulated on. I would however also have liked to know if there is a similar programme for entrepreneurs and senior business leaders who are currently in positions where they can transform the planet and our society.

While it is fantastic that such a focus is being placed on the coming generation, there is also so much more that can be accomplished by working and promoting such opportunity within the current 'transitional' generation.

It is precisely this generation that is currently in the positions of power for creating transformation and who are seeking more purpose, meaning and passion in what they do.

Many very successful entrepreneurs and business leaders (the Rebel in a Business Suit generation) are looking for new visions whereby they can use their businesses to help transform the world around the new values of connectedness, collaboration and community. We are currently building an on-line community to bring these like-minded thinkers together in Rebel Island and create r-evolutionary business thinking for the challenges of the world and business today.

The Goldman Sachs Foundation and their associates in this venture are to be hugely applauded for bringing on the generation to come and there is so much that we can also do to work with the current 'evolutionary' generation.

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