Thursday, 16 August 2007

Adventures in Asia

I recently enjoyed running a seminar for a group of people hosted by KrisTEL Communications in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia which is celebrating 50 years of independence from Britain this year.

Fantastic group of people and a great response - my thanks to Amita Krishna MD of KrisTEL for the invitation.

Asia is fantastic - talk about customer service - there was nothing people were not happy to do for you - and I mean happy. Special mention to all the staff in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I arrived in KL the morning before - early - family in tow and No 2 son asleep in my arms - wasted after a long trip. Expecting to hear the response one would expect in the West (room not ready so you'll have to wait until it is) - I was resigned to sitting in reception for 6 hours.

Not a bit. Greeted professionally and warmly by my name - they announced that our rooms were not ready...BUT they had arranged an apartment for us to sleep and refresh ourselves until our rooms were ready.

We were immediately escorted to our room and room service delivered an excellent breakfast promptly. On being moved to our rooms later that day and finding them not as requested, without a word or even a hint of upset on behalf of the staff (you can never be sure how you'll be greeted in this country with even minimal requests) - we were promptly moved to another apartment where we spent the rest of an amazing 4 days in KL.

Well done to the management and individual staff at the Mandarin Oriental in KL. They exemplified one of the traits of the rebels - the value of service to others. Not just from a business perspective but also at a personal level. The desire to serve others to the best of one's ability and the satisfaction to be gained from doing this.

We'll be back.

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